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In collaboration with the ArchitectenCie we were asked to design a new office for the Galileo Reference centre in Noordwijk. 

The elongated two-storey building on the edge of the dune landscape basically contains office space with supporting facilities and several computer rooms.


A special feature is the entrance lobby, which functions as the social heart of the building to promote connectivity. This lobby is designed as a piece of furniture that forms both the staircase to the first floor and a place to stay with green terraces with integrated facilities. It turns the entrance into a lobby to meet, start the day and receive visitors. The functional spaces are positioned along a wide corridor in a grid of 3.60 m, on which there are also two patios that bring in the greenery and nature of the area.


As a result, a flexible and well-arranged building has been designed in which natural light and views provide reference points.


09   /   02   /   2019

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