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08   /   03   /   2015

The office extension is located within the walls of the Hunneberg Complex in Nijmegen. A complex situation according to security, but also with regard to the location in relation to the existing establishment.


The buildings on the site consist of two monumental villas (design W.C. Metzelaar) with the prison complex (design Heidenrijk) behind them. Over the years, a few things have been added here, so that the overall impression is somewhat fragmented.


The entire program is placed on different embankments. The current zoning plan and the logistical and programmatic requirements showed only one possible location for the expansion, namely in the armpit of one of the villas and the new building from 1995. The office expansion had to be placed in the slope in order to connect to the internal logistics of the existing complex and, moreover, an extra escape route had to be realized in order for the layout to meet the strict requirements.

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