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21  /   09  /   2018

Noord has its own unique atmosphere: uneven, raw, pure, with past-time industry, mixed with modern elements. It’s a place you can not find anywhere else. And there is the big paradox: the appeal as a scourge. And the fear that this place will be a much too tight urban district through all that attention. The art is to delay the dulling developments as long as possible. To achieve this, it is important to involve all users of the site, including those who have given color to this area. A large part it’s charme is the presence of small-scale businesses, organically grown, without too much control. The culture of freedom and DIY.

To create a contagious model for responsible, affordable, desirable housing combining manufacturing and living, quite literally. This pocket neighborhood is designed around a common assembly floor where both worlds mingle. We aim to provide new encounters in an urban setting where there is space for adventure, creativity, freedom, fun and experimentation.

In this plan the inhabitants decide how their city looks like. The shape is not fixed and is even demountable. The environment is defined by the activities of life and not the other way round. We’re looking for ways not to capture everything in a master plan, but create strategies for organic growth and placemaking.

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