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There are in the transformation areas such as Buiksloterham, Hamerkwartier, Sloterdijk 1 South and Klaprozenwegbuurt now still many manufacturing companies present, who rent their business space here. Businesses who have often been here for a long time and among which all sorts beautiful and productive collaborations have arisen. Together they shape the city; the new neighborhoods which are in full development. The ironic thing is that due to such developments the space for this business comes to a standstill. By the higher rents and land prices disappear many of these manufacturing companies in the city. This is not only a strong socio-economic one lost support, but these give way lose their liveliness and with that an important part of their character.

In this design, we examine the technical, functional and financial feasibility of realising affordable stacked craft companies accommodation in a high-density residential area.


The conversations we have conducted with entrepreneurs and developers helped us to define the basic principles of the concept to sharpen.

01   /   02   /   2022

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