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11   /   06   /   2020

The city is changing fast and it should be. Amsterdam is sought after and exerts a great attraction on businesses and residents. In many places in Amsterdam work is currently underway on new residential areas to accommodate the growth of the city. Likewise in the Amstel quarter.


On and around the site of the old Zuidergasfabriek is a modern residential area with a high residential density. The Bella Vista Park comes here as a classic urban park between the new residential blocks. The wish is to hem it with a modest, but characteristic fence.


We looked for a design solution where the fence exudes a certain peace and order, so that it does not compete with the park. At the same time we wanted to provide the fence with a certain modest sophistication with which to tell its own story unique to Bella Vista Park. In a city that is changing rapidly, we see it as one challenge to keep the historical context alive. Through incorporating the silhouettes of the old characteristic factory buildings like shadows in our fence the history of this place remains tangible. All subtle, not emphatic, but for the one who sees it for has indeed recognizable. Also for those who cannot place the shadows in the fence directly, delivers this is an exciting spectacle.

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